Femdacity Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.  How does this panty work?

The Femdacity® panty is made of 5 layers.  The first layer is the Moisture Wicking Layer, the next two layers are absorbent layers.  The fourth layer is the protection waterproof layer.  The fifth layer is the outer layer.

2.  What is the panty and pad made of?

  • The moisture wicking and outer layer are made of the same material used to make comfortable T-Shirts (cotton/spandex).
  • The absorbent layers are made of Viscose Bamboo material which has properties of high absorbency, comfort and antimicrobial.  The antimicrobial is cool because this prevents odors.
  • The waterproof layer is made of PUL/Silver Fabric.  No leaks!

3.  What sizes do the panties come in?

We are debuting our panty in XS, S, M, L, XL, 2X, 3X, 4X. These sizes are based on women's pants sizes.  Check out our size chart.


4.  Can I use this with a tampon or menstrual cup?

Yes, of course!  The Femdacity Panty is a fabulous back up method.

5.  What does Femdacity mean?

Femdacity stands for Feminine Audacity.  We believe ALL Girls and Women can reach their fullest God Given potential.  Periods should never hold us back.

6.  Is this company involved in social causes?

We are currently donating our pads to organizations that supporting girls and women in crisis.