About Femdacity

Our Founder

Tanya Holding Femdacity

My name is Tanya Scott and I am the CEO / Founder of Femdacity®. Femdacity stands for Feminine Audacity because we are on a mission to normalize reusable feminine hygiene products.  Our signature product is The Femdacity Panty.  This panty is innovative underwear that is comfortable and designed with 5 layers of absorb and contain 30 ml of liquid. 


Why was this product created?

Femdacity ® was born out of my frustration with never having reliable feminine period products available when I needed them.  I also realized that reusable feminine hygiene is more comfortable to wear, cost effective and gentler on the environment. 


Tell me more about Femdacity Giving Back

One way we are putting our values into action is by donating Pads to nonprofit organizations supporting girls and women in crisis.  Check out the pads we donated to the Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center.

Femdacity Pads Out for Donation


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