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The Femdacity Survival 3 Pk

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Now in 2X, 3X and 4X Sizes

Ready to be Leak-Free in 2023? Try our Femdacity Survival 3-pk.

💗Wear One

💗Wash One

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The Femdacity Leak Proof Panties are the best kept secret of women who sneeze, jump, dance, run, and laugh without fear of leaking.  Leaks happen with tampons and pads.


The Femdacity Leak Proof Panties are comfortable to wear everyday AND absorbs 30ml (that's 6 teaspoons or 6 regular tampons)!

 Bonus:  You get a PAD with each panty to give you EXTRA protection!


'My daughter really likes wearing them to bed at night.  She has heavy periods and she hasn't had any leaks.'

'I love not having to worry about changing my pad during the day'

'The panties really work.  They are comfy and no leaks'.

Care Instructions:

After use, we recommend rinsing your Panty and Pad with cold water.  After rinsing, your Panty and Pad can be washed in your machine washer.  We recommend drying thoroughly with high heat.  


All sizes are based on women's sizes.  To ensure comfort, we suggest moving up a size if your pants size isn't shown.  

Size Waist Hips Pants Size
XS 24"-26" 33"-35" 2
S 27"-29" 36"-37" 6
M 30"-32" 38"-39" 10
L 33"-36" 40"-42" 14
XL 38"-41" 42"-46" 18
2X 42"-45" 47"-51" 20
3X 46"-51" 52"-56" 22
4X 52"-57" 57"-60" 24