Feminine Audacity

Did you know:

  • One in five — of teenage girls surveyed can’t afford to purchase menstrual hygiene products
  • Having a period when you are homeless is harder if you don't have access to sanitary facilities to keep yourself clean
  • In prison, if a woman has no money to purchase products from the prison commissary, she has to resort to making homemade pads and tampons out of toilet paper and scraps of clothing.

    Our Values in Action:

    We truly believe all girls and women should have the opportunity to achieve their God Given potential.  With that in mind, Femdacity is donates to amazing organizations supporting girls and women in crisis.  Check out the pads donated to Fayette Pregnancy Resource Center.  If you know of an organization that works with girls and women in crisis, let us know! 

    Femdacity Pad Donation