You SMELL that 👃🏽? No you DON'T!

One of the period panty questions I get from time to time is if there is a smell.  This is a logical question because if Femdacity Period Panties hold the equivalent of  💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 3 tampons then it would leave you wondering if there’s a smell.


Rest assured, the answer is NO.  The absorbent material in a Femdacity Panty is made of Bamboo Viscose Material🌱.  Here’s how this awesome material prevents odors:

🌱Naturally Breathable- Breathable fabric lets moisture get away from the skin.

🌱Moisture Wicking- This fabric is 4x more absorbent than cotton.  More fabric in your absorbent material is less fabric against your skin.

🌱Antibacterial- The presence of bacteria is an invitation for odors.

🌱Gentle to the skin- This is perfect for that delicate skin down there.


If you want to learn more about how Bamboo Viscose material is made, where it's used and it's benefits; check out here.

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