Women's History Month 2023

This year's them is 'Celebrating Women who tell ALL our stories'. Here are just a few.

"These women deserve to be known by all."

1: "We hold up half the sky." This comment was made by Soong Ching-ling a prominent Chinese political figure.

2: "When women succeed, America succeeds." This quote was spoken by Hillary Clinton at the Women in the World Summit.

3: "When one part of you is hurting, every part of you is hurting" Made famous by Oprah Winfrey to explain her journey with Depression.

4: "If you have to have everything figured out, there's lots of time to be bored." Ellen DeGeneres who is one of the most successful entertainers on radio and television shared this insight about life.

5: "I like talking about things that are uncomfortable for some people, like menstruation and erectile dysfunction." Tina Fey has a unique ability to make things funny, even uncomfortable ones.

Learn about the origins of Women's History Month

Now that's something to celebrate!

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