Avoiding the Period Blah during summer☀️

☀️Welcome to Summer☀️

Temperatures are heating up

School is out

The Pool is Open

Summertime is one of my most favorite times of the year.  I always look forward to that one vacation my family has been planning (and paying) for since winter.  Summer has longer days with later sunsets, gardening, hiking, bike riding, swimming and oh those long walks…

With all the beauty this season brings, summer’s rising temps can bring on period ‘blah’.  Here’s 3 tips to avoid the 'blah' (credit @Intimina):


  1. Stay Hydrated with water💦: Rising temperatures and your body’s hormones can cause you to become dehydrated.  Dehydration causes bloating, lightheaded or even headaches.  This is especially true if you are laying in the sun, exerting yourself, or consuming your afternoon latte or cocktail.


  1. Getting Sleep💤: Have you ever wondered why it’s so late when it gets dark in summer? (Thought it was just me). The downside of the long summer days is it can throw off our routine and sleep schedule.  The more fatigued you feel, the more period ‘blahs’ can take over.


  1. Staying Cleansed🧼: If you are anything like me, you suffer from occasional period acne. During the summer months, our skin sweats and the dried sweat, dirt, dead skin, etc can lead to further breakouts.  Adopting a routine of cleaning your skin will help remove excess oil, dirt and sweat.


Adopting each of these tips any day but especially during your period will help you avoid the period ‘blahs’ so you can enjoy the summertime 'ahhs' . 

Welcome to Summer ☀️

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