So now we have a Tampon Shortage….? 🤦🏽‍♀️

If you’ve tuned into the news, by now you are aware that we have a Tampon Shortage.


tampon shortage

I didn’t think this could happen but shelves in my area were looking pretty bare. This immediately made me wonder ‘Why Tampons?’  I did a little research to try and understand why we are dealing with this now.  Credit @TIME Magazine

  1. Global Supply Chains

Goods are more difficult to move now.  A key factor at play is the price of fuel to fly, drive or ship goods.  When items like toilet paper, bleach, hand sanitizer, baby formula and now tampons fall in short supply, we all are reminded of how fragile our Global Supply Chain is. 


  1. Labor Shortage

We’ve all heard about the Great Resignation.  While this movement empowers and gives voice to the workforce, it created labor shortages in manufacturing plants that make, assemble and test products like tampons.  This lack of labor causes delays in products hitting our shelves. 


  1. It’s a ‘Female’ problem

When products like toilet paper, bleach, and hand sanitizer are in short supply; the impact is to most if not all members of the family.  Tampon shortages impact girls and women.  In addition, most decision makers who make policy don't have this issue on their radar because they are not directly impacted by a tampon shortage.  


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