Reflections on 2020

With this being the last week of the year, many of us are eager to press 'reset' and start 2021. While we can admit all of 2020 has been a downright challenge, it taught us a lot about ourselves and each other.

Check out these 3 lessons from Over 1000 People Share Their Best Life Lessons from 2020.

You Only Really Know Who You Are When Everything is Taken From You
One respondent said, 'A year ago, if you told me that my favorite restaurants, half my friends and my crossfit gym would be taken from me, I would have freaked out. But not only do I not miss them, I think I might actually be happier without them.'
A Crisis Doesn't Change People; It Amplifies Who They Already Are
One reader commented that the pandemic brought out “the factory default settings” of everyone. The paranoid became more paranoid. The needy became more needy. The anxious became more anxious and the optimistic became more optimistic.
The Little Things are the Most Important

With less going on in our lives, the more the small things mattered. As one reader put it, “This year has taught me that ritual is the antidote to chaos. Small rituals, when practiced daily, give a sense of order to the mind.”

We hope this inspires self-introspection and a great starting point for you as you think about your 2021 goals and resolutions.

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