Last Minute Shopping Ideas...

Last Minute Shopping

Ran of time to have something shipped? 
Dreading the malls or big department stores?

Here are a few thoughtful ideas to consider:

  • Personalize gift box or gift containers ($)Here's where dollar store packaging and decorations and drug store items can come together to make a fabulous gift. Fill gift containers with a combination of edible treats and a gift card.  OR  You can opt to fill containers with soaps, lotions, hair accessories. There's so many options and you can really have fun with this.
  • Sports, Theatre or Concert Tickets ($$) You can order the Sports or Theatre or Concert Tickets online and print out the reservation.  To make the gift special, you can pick up a T-shirt (if it's a sport's team) or CD with the musical's or Artist.  I actually did this one year and it went over
  • Subscription Box ($$)This is one of my favorite gifts because, there are so many options to choose from (candies, fruits, meat, perfume, feminine products, etc). Most subscriptions allow you to choose your price point and duration.  Bonus benefit is the gifting keeps on going long after the tree is put away. If this is truly last minute, you can print out the confirmation and add it to a gift box / container (see above).
  • Shopping Local and Supporting Small Business ($-$$) Don't forget your local farmers market and pop-up vendors.  Here's an opportunity to support your local economy and pick up 'one of a kind' gift.  I live in Georgia and my family up north loves when I ship them my 'Taste of Georgia' Christmas boxes. 

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Merry Christmas &Happy Holidays

Tanya (The Femdaci-Nista)

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