Is it possible to be Thankful in 2020?

When most of us think about 2020, The Global Pandemic, Social Unrest, and 'messy' Elections come to mind.

In this season of reflection and Thanksgiving, I find that I can be thankful for 3 things.

#1 Health

Since January, over 250K people in the US have died from COVID-19. I unfortunately know a few people who have passed away due to complications from COVID-19. Consider it a blessing if you, your family and friends have remained safe.

#2 Acknowledging our Racial problem

America's racial problem is not new. In fact, it is hundreds of years old. The brutal deaths we all witnessed, the marches and yes even the riots prompted conversations that were long overdue. The reason why I'm thankful is for the first time, these conversations are beginning to occur outside of brown and black circles.

#3 Family

With shelter in place mandates, most of us got to spend more time than expected with family. Adjusting to remote meetings and homeschool was challenging however, I came to appreciate the small things. Some of these small blessing included meal time, gardening and family bike rides.

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