How do you clean period panties and pads?

Cleaning period panties and pads are easier than you realize.

While we all know disposable pads and tampons aren't great for the environment and your budget, they do offer you convenience.  You would be surprised to know that cleaning period panties and pads are easier than you realize.  So, 'How on earth do I clean these?'.  Great question!!!

I opt to pre-rinse my pads and panties in cold water.  I then toss them in the washing machine and the dryer.  I found that you have to avoid fabric softeners because the absorbency reduces.  Proper care will extend the use and life of your period panties and pads. Check out Femdacity's Period Panties and Pads here.

Curious to learn more?  The folks at 'That Cloth Pad Life' put together a quick video that shows you just one way to wash your used pads (and panties).  

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