Period Panties are also good for...

This week was Spring Break in our little town.  I finally a chance to enjoy some much-needed time away with the family. During our road trip to the mountains, my smart watch was nice enough to send this reminder…

"Your period will likely start in the next 5 days"

What?!?!😯 Why is my smart watch trying to ruin my vacay???  Public bathrooms work when you have to go ‘#1’ however period cleanup is a whole other thing.  Once, I had a moment to compose myself I was reminded that I make period panties and I packed a pair (just in case)…Whew!

My mini meltdown got me thinking, hmmm…. What else could period panties be good for?  So while driving to my destination, I made this list.



1.  Road Trips and Airplane Rides- Public bathrooms are one thing but having to manage period cleanup in the small airplane bath with limited water pressure and tissues is a whole other lesson in patience. If your trip is a few hours, save yourself the hassle and wear a period panty.  It’s a life saver. 


2.  Long Walks, hikes or runs-With weather warming up it’s nice to fit in a long walk, hike or run in. If you are on a period heavy day, ducking into a restaurant, public rest room or port-a -potty may not be an option.  A period panty will buy you time and you won’t have to worry about leakage which means more time enjoying the outdoors.


3.  Trips Theme Parks- I love me some roller coasters but during peak seasons, the wait times for those rides can be 60-90 minutes long. Also, a few of the popular theme parks don’t allow you to hold a spot in line.  If you must change your pad, you risk missing your ride or potentially having a leak.  Avoid that all together by wearing a pair of period panties to the park and potential bringing a back-up pair of period panties especially if you plan to stay until the park closes. 


Can you think of any others to add to the list?

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