Earth Day Friendly Period Products

Happy Earth Day!!!

The theme for 2022 is 'Invest in Our Planet'.  One of the ways we can invest in our planet is reducing the amount of plastic we consume each day.  Did you know 90% of a disposable pad is made up of plastic?  Check out our blog post to learn more about the plastic in disposable menstrual products.  Here's a list of 3 'Earth Day-Friendly' menstrual products you can begin adopting to your Menstrual Hygiene routine.
1.  Menstrual Cups- If you currently use tampons, menstrual cups maybe an option to consider.  Menstrual cups come in multiple sizes similar to how tampons come in multiple absorbencies.  If you are a first timer, experimentation and using a back-up method (pad or period panty) is key.  If you are ready to give menstrual cups a try, check out the small and large cups offered by Femdacity.  These cups can last up to 10 years and have a modest price point.
2.  Washable Pads- Between panty line use and menstrual care, disposable pads are the biggest source of disposable pad plastics.  In one month, you can consume a minimum of 21 panty liners and 15 menstrual pads.  The benefit to adopting washable pads is they come in multiple absorbencies, can be washed with your laundry, and have a modest price point.  Check out Femdacity's Washable Pads which will be available May 28, 2022.
3.  Period Panties- If you are reading this, chances are you are familiar with period panties.  In the last few years, this Earth Day Friendly period product has gained popularity.  I personally love period panties because they are 'one stop shopping'.  You get the tampon/menstrual cup back up, protection of a disposable pad and comfort of a panty.  I love the Femdacity Panty (yeah...we are a little biased here).  This panty was designed to be comfortable enough to wear on a 'non' period day.  Gotta love options!  If you want to check out the Femdacity Panty, these will be available to order on May 28, 2022.
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