The Audacity to Dream🌈

What I’m learning from this launch is that this little dream of creating a company that makes period panties is morphing into something bigger…grander…and dare I say scarier.  You see, this journey was inspired by the period shaming article I read in 2018.  It still touches me to know there are marginalized girls and women suffering from period shame and poverty around the world and here in the US. 

Beyond donations, there’s so much more that can be done. So, my friends I want to share what I’m calling the ‘Audacity to Dream’:

  1. Dream #1: Create stellar products to simplify life for girls and women who menstruate.
  2. Dream #2: Support marginalized women through employment and assistance in their journey to entrepreneurship.

I’m excited because y’all are already making Dream #1 come true and I am grateful! 🙌🏾.  With your help, I am looking forward to fully realizing Dream #2 in the coming years. 

You can support Dream #2 by tagging us on social, sharing us with your friends and families, and connecting us with like-minded organizations supporting marginalized girls and women.

Together we can make a significant impact!

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