3 Tips to Keep 2022 Goals

Congratulations, you made it to the second week of the year!

Kids are back to school (can I get an AMEN 🙌🏽).  Like you, I’m back to work and trying to get my groove back into a routine that includes taking a shower, dressing, and being productive. 

In my last email, I shared that my 2022 word is FOCUS (faith, goals, health, etc).  So far things are going good but if I’m honest with you, I have a little anxiety that when my schedule ‘heats’ up with travel, work meetings, school activities, social functions, Dr. Appointments, etc; my 2022 FOCUS will unravel and fall apart.  I  found a few good tips I’m going to start trying out (credit Lifehack.org):

  1. Commit to Thirty Days

When I read this first tip, I think I literally exhaled. The experts say that three to four weeks is all the time you need to make a habit automatic. Why stress about 365 days or 12 months when all you need to do is focus on 30 days? Genius!


  1. Be Imperfect

For Type A, Perfectionist, Engineer-Minded crazy people like me; it’s nice to have the permission to be imperfect. I’m a member of an entrepreneur group coaching club. Our leader (shout out to Jane Hamill) always talks about ‘Imperfect Action’.This means to just Do something and not get stuck in the analysis paralysis.


  1. Write it Down

A piece of paper with a goal or resolution isn’t that important. Writing it down is. This is a tip that I am already doing thanks to my cheerful planner however, I realize I can do more of this. I find writing things down (my wants, my frustrations, my prayers, even my shopping list) gets things out of your head and gives me much more clarity.


This is my list, to help me with my 2022 FOCUS.  What are you trying?

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  • I love this, it is so helpful and doable. Thank you so much for these tips.

    Asiya M Abdul-Alim

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